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Adam Oriti Art

FREE SAMPLE GUIDE! Liquid Floral Painting - 'How To PDF' Recipe Cards

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This 'How To' Recipe card is for my Liquid Floral paintings from the Floral Series

Only $3 per instant PDF download! 

"What do recipes have to do with art Adam?" I hear you ask.

Well, like in a traditional recipe, you get a list of ingredients, tools/utensils and a method along with one or 2 images. Mostly of the finished dish. Well this will be just like that. However in this case it will be for a painting, and how to create it, or one similar to it.

When I started in the world of creativity, all I had was my imagination, art classes, galleries and amazing images to ponder while being in awe at how they are created. I never had all the step by step information to try and re-create the art I saw. So what I did is set out to try and create something similar. Not to plagiarize or completely copy but to start and see where I went with it. By doing this I didn't create art that looked similar but it took me on a new amazing journey in my own direction. Then that direction spawned off many styles that evolved from the ones prior, or even several styles combined that created beautiful individual pieces.

The recipes will not be detailed in the way of a step by step tutorial. They will simply be a step by step guide and if you find yourself creating art that doesn't look like the recipe shows, well that's just as good as if it did turn out just like it. How often have you followed a food recipe only to think you have ruined it but failed to see that you have just possibly, created your very own dish!

The same goes here, NOTHING you create, is failure. EVERYTHING you do is a step towards your creative success.